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We can give you the EGCG Trade Guarantee that we have completed an install in your area for you to take look at and even grab some inspiration from. We have carried out thousands of projects from 10m2 all the way through to 2780m2 ranging from vast areas of simple green grass to areas of colour explosion and football pitches. The map shows all the areas we have installed our stunning cabins, summer houses, equipment and artificial grass. We can even put you in contact with the schools and customers so you really can get the feel for the first hand experience from working with the EGCG team. As seen on the maps All of our installs which you can see from the images are unique to every school / customer which have been developed by working closely with our design team to add that extra character to the area. If you do not see a job in your location do not be concerned get in contact with our friendly team today who will be able to advise you on your location which we are certain to cover!

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COVID 19 and various other viruses over the years have had a huge impact on our play areas and outdoor spaces. Here at EGCG, we know how much a play area helps develop a child’s future skills both socially and physically which means keeping children in school. To ensure that we can get children as close as possible to that 100% attendance, we have worked on a antibacterial grass to keep everyone safe all year round. The benefits include:

Destroying Viruses.

Breaking Down Air Pollution.

Combats Seasonal Fevers.

Get in contact with the team today to discuss your schools unique antibacterial grass.

Our team from Ultimate Log Cabins who carry out all our installs strive to bring the highest quality to price ratio on the market. They do not aim to just be the biggest but they strive for nothing but the best. All our buildings are bespoke to cater for all your requirements, our knowledgeable team would arrange a visit to generate some dimensions and achieve an understanding of your vision which would then be displayed in high quality drawings. Once you take that all important step the rest is over to us! If you need an Outdoor Classroom, Gym, Cinema, Summer House, Gazebo, Office, Kennels, Garage get in contact with the EGCG Buildings team today!

In the very unlikely circumstance that we do not stock something that you have always dreamed of having in your playground area do not be put off! If your school has seen a piece of equipment or type of surface get in contact with our team and we will do our best to source the product for the best possible price. Most of our products are bespoke to suit any area.

In the meantime, take a look at our huge array of products and services that we have to offer which can be adapted to create the perfect play area.

In recent years, the idea of playing sports and taking part in activities on old, warn-out surfaces has become a lot less desirable. With the inception of artificial surfaces and 3G & 4G pitch installation, natural turf is becoming less and less popular. However, when it comes down to our recommendation the 4G pitch is the best solution both for cost and durability. If it’s giving your local football club a revamp or just giving your school that unique sports experience our team can find the best possible solution to give you that premier league feel.

Schools & Nurseries:

For children, the most memorable outdoor play equipment is the one that inspires creativity and imagination. They’re full of vibrant and exciting equipment pieces that encourage children to take risks and learn about the world around them. Whether your dream playground equipment includes swings, springs or sails, it can always be brought to life with a coherent concept and a clear design.

If you’ve ever thought about creating a truly extraordinary playground that the children at your facility can benefit from, then take a look at these tips from our playground experts.

Commercial Sites:

Our artificial grass has been rapidly growing in popularity in new modern office buildings, roof terraces, balconies and swimming pools on both outside and inside areas. Many workplaces have seen the benefits not only in the maintenance and long term cost savings but in the mental health and productivity of their staff. Our team can help design your area from start to finish or if you have a vision already planned out, feel free to let the team know and we will bring your vision to life!

Nearly 90% of our surfacing range is environmentally friendly! We have developed a range with our European supplier that allows us to make a 100% recyclable grass also known as our greenback range all components can be put into a process of crumbing that allows the grass to be reused. All of the timber products that we use in our playgrounds and buildings are bespoke made to ensure no timber is wasted by cutting down additional materials on-site to go into a skip.

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