We are committed to providing market leading products and the same goes for our service and aftercare.

We provide fully qualified authorised play inspection services and can certify your playground, from a new installation to a yearly annual inspection. Our bespoke maintenance services keep your play area safe and improve longevity, all maintenance comes with a 6 months warranty on workmanship.

All our teams at EGCG are trained in maintenance and repairs. Your play equipment and play surfaces should be maintained to prolong their life and safety.

Benefits Of Using EGCG To Maintain Your Play Area

  • Maintaining Products Safety

  • Prolonging Your Schools Investment

  • Addressing The Issue Early

  • Aesthetic Playground All Year Round

  • Personalise Your Maintenance

  • Fast & Easy Bookings

Playground Equipment:

Sometimes starting again isn’t always the answer. If you believe that your equipment still has hours more fun left in it but just requires a EGCG maintenance or repair our team can give you the perfect solution to make sure you can continue to enjoy your equipment safely. No matter what condition or manufacturer our experienced team provide a sustainable solution for you. Finding out the right parts for your equipment repair is key that’s why EGCG team will access the repairs thoroughly to make sure there is no unexpected costs before giving you your final quotation.

Cleaning Solutions:

Making sure you keep your play areas clean looking the best all year round can prolong the life of the surface and equipment for up to 15 years. This can be as simple as brushing your surfaces with a stiff brush to clear off loose debris or standing that artificial grass pile back up all these components can be carried out by your onsite school team. If you believe your school play area just needs that extra touch get in contact with the EGCG team today on 02081230800. Don’t be put off by what is on offer in our packages as we can offer a wide array of skillsets suitable for any repair we can create a personalised maintenance just for your school.

Our Maintenance Packages

Nurseries Frequently Asked Questions

The EGCG team have installed projects all over the UK within nurseries, schools, pubs, large visitor attractions and community parks. We have a variety of advisors that are only a stones throw away from your location to help you understand a clear path for your goal. Wherever the job may be situated if it requires a transformation the enthusiastic EGG team will be ready to perform!

Choosing artificial grass as the option for your playground allows you to achieve your vision of a natural aesthetic area to complement any play setting whilst adhering to the safety of the children. The beauty of the artificial grass is that it can be paired with any surface and be combined with a safety shockpad to eliminate impacts falls from up to 90m2. The artificial grass range provides everything you need to bring your vision into a reality.

This is a question that has a variety of answers which is all dependant on the project. The average transformation of your play area will take one of our teams no longer than a week. However, depending on sizes and the complexity of the equipment being installed this could take longer or even take as little as two days. This process will be made clear once one the site visit has taken place to really grasp what the project entails as a whole.

The answer is yes! Some of the best ways to raise additional cash for your new play area is through fund-raising which does not only help you reach your end goal of a new play area but brings your school community together as one. The other way this can be achieved is through a grant some of the most helpful companies in this industry are:

  • Awards for All.
  • Educational Play Environments.
  • Grants4Schools

School equipment and play surfacing installed correctly will last up to 15 years before it may need a regeneration. However, this can differ depending on the volume of foot traffic and the natural conditions that your new area may face. If it is just a single component that needs updating we can get new piece of equipment installed to make sure the fun never stops.

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