Here at EGCG we understand the difference between a school and nursery play area through adapting the equipment and surfacing to cater for your specific needs which can be seen in our product range. Choosing the right elements for your play area is so important to make sure that every child gets the most fun out of your new play area. We offer a wide range of play surfaces ideal for all age groups from coloured roadways to artificial grass graphics including chessboards, snakes and ladders, hopscotches and so much more! For young children a play area should be a place to always keep learning wether it is through a complex trim trail or a educational graphic (eg. multiplication grid). Safety plays a huge role in the design phase of the project however, we make all our play areas with the idea in mind that children can have fun whilst being unsupervised. We really can transform and make any space work for you!

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  • Pressure Treated Timber

  • Safety Surfacing For All Fall Heights

  • Ideal For Heavy Traffic

  • Clean & Maintenance Free

  • Cost Effective Solutions For All

  • Personalised Design Ideas

Exciting Products In Our Range


Our range has no limits! If your teachers or children have an extraordinary idea, no matter a big or intricate our team will try our upmost best to bring your idea into a reality. Follow the teams journey at Woodlea House where a bespoke hilltop slide (as seen in the image) was requested and the EGCG team surpassed expectations with a soft and durable artificial grass finish. Our extensive product range allows us to offer nurseries and early years areas a variety of equipment that develops skills such as problem solving, personal and social understanding and physical / motor skills.

Nurseries Frequently Asked Questions

The EGCG team have installed projects all over the UK within nurseries, schools, pubs, large visitor attractions and community parks. We have a variety of advisors that are only a stones throw away from your location to help you understand a clear path for your goal. Wherever the job may be situated if it requires a transformation the enthusiastic EGG team will be ready to perform!

Choosing artificial grass as the option for your playground allows you to achieve your vision of a natural aesthetic area to complement any play setting whilst adhering to the safety of the children. The beauty of the artificial grass is that it can be paired with any surface and be combined with a safety shockpad to eliminate impacts falls from up to 90m2. The artificial grass range provides everything you need to bring your vision into a reality.

This is a question that has a variety of answers which is all dependant on the project. The average transformation of your play area will take one of our teams no longer than a week. However, depending on sizes and the complexity of the equipment being installed this could take longer or even take as little as two days. This process will be made clear once one the site visit has taken place to really grasp what the project entails as a whole.

The answer is yes! Some of the best ways to raise additional cash for your new play area is through fund-raising which does not only help you reach your end goal of a new play area but brings your school community together as one. The other way this can be achieved is through a grant some of the most helpful companies in this industry are:

  • Awards for All.
  • Educational Play Environments.
  • Grants4Schools

School equipment and play surfacing installed correctly will last up to 15 years before it may need a regeneration. However, this can differ depending on the volume of foot traffic and the natural conditions that your new area may face. If it is just a single component that needs updating we can get new piece of equipment installed to make sure the fun never stops.

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