What is safety surfacing?

Safety surfacing is an essential part of creating a fun and enjoyable play area with minimal risk. Here at EGCG Trade we offer a wide range of safety surfacing which include: wet pour, rubber mulch, artificial grass and shock pads. All of these come in a wide range of designs, colours and sizes that ensure that we can create a perfect solution for you. All our play surfaces are suitable for all locations from leisure attractions to schools and nurseries in fact all of our range is perfect for anywhere you need a surface to absorb impact. If you are not sure what is the best solution for you feel free to contact one of our team who can advise you over the phone or arrange a site visit to make sure no area goes untouched.

Choose the right surface for you!

  • Artificial Grass

The combination of artificial grass and safety surfacing provides a durable yet cost-effective solution to put your mind at ease when you have hundreds of children to keep your eye on. The most common location for artificial grass to be found in a school environment is around play equipment due to its durable, soft and aesthetic appeal which allows children to play all year round! Our artificial grass ranges provide safety from fall heights up to 3m which range from 10mm to 90mm to ensure that all accidents never lead to injuries.

  • Protection Mats

The protection mats work hand in hand with our artificial grass range to help enable the critical fall heights to be obtained. Our shock pad range comes in a range of thicknesses which can be combined together to create up to 90mm coving a 3m critical fall height. The pieces can either come as a roll or puzzle pieces which tightly slot together to be resilient against the highest traffic. They can be used for any area from football pitches to create a soft feel underfoot and reduce muscle damage to protecting children from falls from tall equipment.

  • Wet Pour Surface

Our wet pour range comes in a variety of densities to combat critical fall heights. This is a rubber granule which is poured to meet the desired size and density similar to the artificial grass it comes in a variety of colours. It can be installed in your entire area or create a safety zone around your equipment and combine it with our artificial grass to give your area a unique appearance all while making sure that the important areas are danger-free.

  • Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is a cheaper alertanitive to wet pour and is fully porous which reduces the chance of a slippery surface making it ideal for walkways and jogging trails. The standard depth of rubber mulch is 40mm but can be adapted to make sure that all fall zones are covered. Rubber mulch is one of the most cost-effective solutions but it comes with some negatives being colour options and graphics within the surface are very limited.

Choosing the correct critical fall hieght for your area

What is a critical fall height (CFH)?

The critical fall height is the maximum height a child could fall from a piece of equipment by measuring the distance from the ground to the highest part a child can reach or stand on. Safety surfacing does not prevent injury however if installed correctly it can significantly reduce injuries caused by falling from a variety of heights. If a piece of equipment measures from the ground to the highest point under 0.6m critical fall height it does not require any safety surfacing.

What are equipment fall zones?

Fall zones are the distance a child could travel from the piece of equipment if they fell, each item has a different fall zone depending on the height, extras and age. Unlike critical fall height, we would suggest that all equipment has at least a 1.5m fall radius.

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