When it comes down to picking the right surface and surrounds EGCG is the perfect solution for you. Whether you are a school, university, community, major sports club or local club, or even for a home golf putting green, EGCG Sports offers a dedicated range of artificial grass to meet the most demanding needs.


The perfect pitch come rain or shine, create the ultimate pitch usable 365 days a year without the huge maintenance costs. EliGrass Sports gives improved performance and significant savings on maintenance.

Artificial grass is more durable than real grass.  Playability is much higher, allows a broader access and can be played on all the time.  Games not cancelled due to the weather and one game on a muddy field can ruin the pitch for the rest of the season.

Durability and an even playing surface mean fewer injuries, unlike grass that gets torn up by rough play and eventually turns into vast patches of slippery mud or potholes, causing breaks or twisted ankles.

Gym equipment offer a range of benefits from physical to mental allowing all age and sizes to have hours of fun.



For golfers who are looking for economical solutions, our artificial sports grass is built to last with no water and virtually maintenance free compared to real grass, yet it looks very realistic.

Putting surfaces can be installed in gardens, communities, hotels, driving ranges, golf courses or even schools. Our putting greens are designed to be used by professionals, amateurs and instructors everywhere.

The savings on maintenance costs, durability and the possibility of intensive use, have become extremely cost effective. Several models are available with different fibre types studied and tested for each type of game.

Using the correct synthetic surface for cricket is key for the bounce in the ball which is why we offer a wide range of products to achieve your full batting and bowling ability.

Cricket wicket facilities can be surfaced to create a usable playing space all year round the EGCG team also provide all the additional equipment such as the nets and the crease lines.

Many cricket clubs, schools and home practice areas have swapped over to synthetic surfacing due to the long lasting durability around 15 years and the low maintenance equaling low cost.


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